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Marketing for Solos- Brad Swezey - Episode # 007

October 19, 2021

Brad Swezey is the president of Just Small Biz Marketing and Vice president of PR4Lawyers. Brad joins host Kory Underdown to discuss marketing strategies. It can be difficult to gain traction when you are a small business. Brad is here to provide solos and small law firms with ways to successfully market your business. 



  • As an attorney, you can’t assume that your skills will automatically attract new clients. Don’t rely on one way to get clients because if that one way doesn’t work, you won’t be getting any new clients. 
  • Lawyers are viewed in the same way as auto repair shops. You don’t think about that field of work unless something has gone wrong. 
  • The advantage that solo practitioners have is that they really focus on each case with more detail than the bigger law firm companies who are using someone straight out of law school.
  • The more you can connect with your potential clients the better off you’ll be. 
  • You don’t need a full time staff who is in the office. It doesn’t matter where your employees work as long as they are doing the job that is asked of them.
  • Voicemail is the quickest way to kill your new leads. If a client calls you and reaches your voicemail, odds are they are already looking for a new lawyer. 



Quote of the show


35:52 “I went to the Air Force Academy and - you will have no choice. This is your boss. These are the people you're working with. I don't care if it's, you know, 1130 at night, we needed to work for another five hours or whatever. It doesn't matter. We have a little bit more control as solo practitioners and small businesses, which, you guys are, and we are.

The goal is to work with people and find the people you need when you need somebody and you can bring them in and, and use them to help you and you can help them and give them that experience. And you start developing a team of people who work well together, regardless of where they are.”


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