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Guiding Your Way Through SEO - John Hinson - Episode # 002

September 16, 2021

Today’s episode features multi-talented John Hinson. John is an Administrative Director and Marketing manager at Spotlight Branding, marketing professional who helps attorneys market their law practice. He’s also an author of travel memoires and historical fiction as well as a fellow podcast host. He’s here to give you tips that will not only save you time in marketing, but also money. 




  • Content writing is an art form. There are certain formulas to success that you can follow to give you great results. 
  • Give out evergreen, solid information rather than self-promotion. Answer the legal questions that keep your audience up at night.
  • Instead of focusing on keywords for SEO, focus on good writing and the right audience will find you. 
  • Business owners make themselves the focus, but really the client should be the focus. You are not the Luke Skywalker of the story, you are Yoda, there to help and guide the client.
  • You can’t know who you are marketing to if you don’t know who your audience is, it’s a good idea to focus your marketing toward your audience.
  • You can create many different types of content from a single video, and if you can create even two videos a month, that becomes what is referred to as pillar content. 
  • Check out for the latest information on SEO and content writing



Quote of the show


6:54 “The big mistake in terms of copy writing is that business owners, especially lawyers, make is they make themselves the hero of the story, but in reality the client is the hero of the story”




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